U.S. Catholic bishops will be meeting next month and deciding on whether they’re going to send a tough message to the “Very Catholic” Joe Biden by saying that Catholic politicians who advocate for legality of abortion shouldn’t present themselves for communion.

The bishops….wait…I can’t. I just can’t take this seriously.

The chances of this happening are slightly less than Lindsey Graham winning the Toughman contest or that the tiny beings that live in the folds of Mitch McConnell’s neck/chin abandon their warm and cozy home for the vacant space between Mitt Romney’s ears.

Ok. That last one might happen. But the bishops thing won’t.

Millstone Inc. will talk up a good game and they’ll chat up the importance of protecting life but they won’t go near drawing a line in the sand or actually defending Church teaching. You see, that would be divisive.

You see Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love but the bishops know that it’s even more important to not be divisive.

The document will be prepared for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops by its Committee on Doctrine. Its aim is to clarify the church’s stance. Hahahahaha. This will do nothing of the sort. It will only obfuscate. Batman has less smoke bombs to disappear behind than these guys.

This is happening because the “very Catholic” Joe Biden is president.

“Because President Biden is Catholic, it presents a unique problem for us,” said Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, who chairs the USCCB’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities. “It can create confusion. … How can he say he’s a devout Catholic and he’s doing these things that are contrary to the church’s teaching?”

He’s right. But the bishops won’t go for this. Not a chance. I’m calling it here. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love it if the bishops actually, you know, started defending the faith but we’re a long way from there baby. A looooooong way.

The priority for many bishops is not defending the unborn but seeming moderate and reasonable to the Washington Post and the New York Times.

In fact, the top prelates of the jurisdictions where Biden sometimes attends Mass — Bishop W. Francis Malooly of Wilmington, Delaware, and Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington, D.C. — have made clear that he may receive Communion at churches they oversee.

Hmmm. I wonder why they were placed there?