Less than half of American households donated to charity for the first time. That’s a shocking statistic, given that just twenty years ago that number was almost 70 percent.

Why? Researchers say that it’s because many people stopped going to church. So here we have young people drifting away from organized religion and on top of that we have churches telling Christians to not attend services for a year or so. So, people stop attending. Shocking, right?

We keep being told that the world will get better without religion but does it?

Less marriage. Fewer babies. Less charity. I mean babies eventually become teenagers but still…they’re fun for a while.

But our society has bet on the belief that we can just tease out the good parts of Christianity but leave behind the teachings that make us uncomfortable. But you can’t.

We live in what’s called a post-Christian society which is based in historically Christian ideas and follows some pared down Christian values, but rejects the authority of Christianity and refuses to acknowledge Christianity as the basis for western civilization.

But what follows? Individual rights have no basis without them coming from God. If rights aren’t granted by God they’re granted by government and then can be taken away. So individual rights becomes subverted to collective rights. Once rights become collective it’s a push and pull. You get factions fighting for more. And then to assure you get yours you start forming gangs and factions. You split along socioeconomic class lines. You split along racial lines. Gender lines.

This sounding familiar to you yet? If not, turn on CNN.

Without Christianity, all human beings are in a state of permanent war with one another. Fighting for their piece of the pie. What was intended to free, ends with the prison of the mob.

We think we can pull the good out of Christianity without all the rules. We are told that we can create heaven on earth if we just turn from the Church.

Those who promise heaven on earth are dragging you to Hell.

But here’s the truth, human equality, gender equality, the idea of limited government, and charity as an obligation were essentially unknown in pagan cultures.

Please recall that slavery was abolished largely through efforts of Christians. The basis for the civil rights movement was a Christian one.

In the end, post Christian societies must transform into what the true intentions of its architects always were. It is the creation of an anti-Christian society. Those in power of such a society will view Christians as enemies of the state. Christians will be accused of being on the wrong side of history. They will be persecuted. Make no mistake.

It’s about to get very hard to be a Christian. Pray that you and yours have the strength and grace to live with love, rather than adopting the tactics of the grievance mobs. These are the times that make saints. Be one.