I’m no Grinch but If I had to stick a gift in every shoe my children left out last night I’d be broke.

I don’t even understand how my kids take off their shoes. One will be right near the door and then I’ll see one on the other side of the room. What are they doing? Just taking one off and limping around for a while before taking the other one off. Sometimes I feel like I should probably watch my kids a little more closely but…whatever. #netflixison.

Oh. This nugget of wisdom might help you. So, it turns out you probably shouldn’t explain to little kids what Saint Nicholas Day actually is commemorating. “Hey kids, we’re celebrating the death day of Saint Nicholas!” Turns out, less info is more in this case. #helpfulhints

My wife acts like she knew this all along.

On my front lawn are three large letters. J-O-Y. The characters in these letters depict the manger scene. But the wind here has been pretty crazy and the “J” keeps falling over. So people who pass by my house think I am summing up my feelings about the holiday season by putting the word “Oy” on my front lawn.