Gotta’ admit. Santa puts up a pretty good fight for an old guy.

American Thinker writes:

The land that gave us the Gestapo is illustrating its native son Karl Marx’s dictum that historical phenomena appear two times: “first as tragedy, then as farce.”  Perhaps panicking over Germany’s record COVID case count (despite 68.1% of its population being fully vaccinated), the Polizei there have invited worldwide scorn and ridicule in recent days for their punctiliousness in enforcing arbitrary and mostly ineffective regulations supposedly aimed at inhibit the spread of the virus.

German guards throttling Santa and dragging him away definitely qualifies for farce. In the end, dictators and tyranny is always a farce. In the end we shake our heads as if to clear it and then wonder how people in the past could’ve been that stupid. We shake our heads at the stupidity of our ancestors while running headlong into the same future.

I do not understand what drives such people. Power? Money? I don’t think that does it. That’s certainly a lure but not the entire thing, not even the half of it. There’s something missing in these people. There’s an empty space inside that they’re desperately trying to fill. And when a society makes it its business to hollow out the young by hating their country and losing their religion, the young will seek out something to fill the emptiness.

And they will fill it with mandates and rules and laws and pronouns. Lawyers and politicians will come by promising to codify their beliefs into law. Judges will accede to them. And they will go about building their utopia which will end in war, famine, and gnashing of teeth.

And if they are smart. If they have good teachers the children will see what was missing. Namely, Christ. And only with knowledge of Christ will they be able to build something that may last.

If not, be prepared for more farce.