The Hill reported today that “Washington archbishop whose archdiocese sued over pandemic restrictions tests positive for COVID-19.

That headline seems to suggest that Cardinal Gregory was some sort of Covid denier or skeptic. This is far from the truth.

In fact, the Hill article points out:

“This morning, as part of my regular pandemic routine, I took a rapid antigen test given by a lab-technician, and I tested positive for COVID-19,” Cardinal Wilton Gregory said in a statement

Gregory added that he was fully vaccinated and boosted and that as of Friday he was experiencing no symptoms. Not only that, Cardinal Gregory urged everyone else to get vaccinated and boosted, despite testing positive.

In December 2020, D.C.’s archdiocese sued the city over COVID-19 restrictions, alleging the measures went beyond what public safety required. Specifically, the archdiocese said that limitations on church attendance were a violation of people’s First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit argued that the 50-person limit for all houses of worship was “arbitrary” and “discriminatory,” especially considering some of the Catholic parishes in D.C. can accommodate hundreds of people.

“The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception – the largest Catholic Church in the United States – could accommodate thousands of worshippers. Indeed, the Statue of Liberty would fit inside with room to spare,” the lawsuit stated. “Yet under the Mayor’s orders, all of these churches are subject to the same cap of 50 people.”

There’s no doubt that the cap of 50 people was arbitrary, especially given the size of so many churches.

But anyway, the reason I’m pointing this out is that if you are a Catholic you will never really be seen as on the side of the left. They will use you when you agree with them and turn on you when it’s convenient. You are only useful as a cudgel against the faithful.

Cardinal Gregory has hardly been a conservative but when he tests positive the media clearly shows that they will turn on him and frame him as an enemy of “the science.”