Taking my son to see a few Catholic colleges today. The problem is I’ve had other kids and we’re seeing the same colleges. I don’t mean to make it about me but this is really boring. I could give the tour at some of these school.

This building was named for this saint who was drowned in the name of Christ. This cafeteria was named for this saint who was actually poisoned for spreading the gospel of Christ. This building was named for a saint who was drowned, poisoned, and beheaded in the name of Christ. (I think I might know why Catholic schools have admission problems. It’s just too depressing.)

There’s nothing like taking your completely disinterested son to expensive colleges. I’m taking this kid to visit colleges who talked about Batman the entire ride down to the DC area. When I took him to the SAT’s he talked exclusively about whether the DC heroes would beat the Marvel heroes in a fight. Now, the whole time he’s talking I’m wondering if I should focus him on the test or should I be happy he’s not nervous and I shouldn’t get him nervous. So we talked about fictional fights.

Every time I do this I think that this child is not ready for college and then they go off and succeed wildly. When he goes off, I just hope he finds someone to talk about comic books with. Or maybe he won’t and maybe it’ll actually give him a reason to call home now an again. That would be a nice change of pace.