You’re not responsible for stopping evil in your time. You are called to stand up to it.

We are not judged by what our age does but by what we do.

Taking on too much responsibility can be prideful and will be used against us. This is how we get tripped up. We convince ourselves that if our cause is righteous then whatever we do is justified because it is in the cause of righteousness. We tell ourselves that if I just do this one little thing wrong this teeny tiny little thing wrong that’s so miniscule that nobody will even notice then the good that comes from it outweighs it.

That’s how it happens.

Jesus Christ saved the world. You don’t have to. Just work on getting you and yours to Heaven. The state of the world is the state of the world. Nobody’s responsible for gift wrapping the world and presenting it to God. Don’t worry about it. By choosing the good and rejecting evil you make the world a better place.

The world is teeming with those who commit sin in the name of good. That is why the First Commandment is to not put any other gods before the One True God. If we make social justice or some political issue our end goal what horrors might me commit in its name to bring about victory?

The person who turned in Anne Frank and her family likely acted out of love for his own family. He sought to protect his family from the Nazi’s ire and suspicion. If we love something more than God we will prove ourselves capable of the worst atrocities in the name of love.