Yet another Church was vandalized recently.

Longmont police are investigating suspected vandalism at one of the city’s historic buildings, Old St. Stephen’s Church on Main Street, after two of the building’s stained glass windows were broken.

Alyce DeSantis, executive director of the St. Vrain Historical Society, said two of the church’s stained glass windows were broken by rocks — one window above the front door and a middle window on the south side of the building.

Why do they attack the Church so constantly? It is because they know the Church poses a danger to their agenda.

The left claims they tear down the statues and vandalize the likenesses of the founders of our country like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson precisely because of their imperfections.

But then they save their most vicious attacks for Christ, the perfect Man.

So, one must wonder if they’re not really attacking our founders for their sins but for their attributes.

They say the Church is an oppressor but in reality the Church respects free will. The Church respects conscience. And that’s what the left can’t have it. In reality, it is the attributes of the Church that they can’t allow.