Public schools have been taken over. There’s no doubt about it. Libs of Tik Tok has done an incredible job of exposing how radical our public schools have become. And locking children in their home during Covid where parents finally heard what was going on in schools has kinda’ backfired on the left. Now, parents are up in arms over this. This was not what they were prepared for.

But we are waking up to what they’re attempting. This is approved literature for Wisconsin Pre-K to 2nd grade. This is Wisconsin folks. Not California or New York.

I’ve often said that pro-lifers are the front line in the culture war. I’ll also add public school boards to that. It’s about protecting children. Protect their life. Protect their innocence. And don’t allow them to be misshapen by some weirdoes who haven’t quite figured out how to deal with their own issues yet.

Oh, and here’s another quick example. Anne Frank is now a lesbian because that’s the message of her diary, right?