Wow. That seems a little irresponsible.

Hey, I seem to remember Sarah Palin being accused of violence because she put crosshairs over a congressional district. This was “literally a call to arms” against pro-lifers in a time when crisis pregnancy centers are being torched and vandalized. But the reaction?

I get that the media would ignore this but the fact that every Republican congress creature and Senator are not railing against this tells you all you need to know about the Republican Party.

This should give you that chilling feeling that you’re all alone here.

No earthly power will come to your aid when you stand up for life. But that’s ok. We stand with God.

So here’s what that nut job actually said.

This is insane.

It seems the left has grown tired of only killing very small humans and wishes to expand the purview of their violence.

Sort of an ironic thought that the people who keep telling us to give up our gun rights keep talking about bringing violence to us. It’s all kinda’ making sense now.