What in hell?

It’s a golden statue standing in front of a New York City Courthouse of a woman with goat horns to honor abortion. Seriously.

I’m being honest, if a Christian movie depicted a leftist city erecting such a statue like this it would be too on the nose. I’d be like “Kirk Cameron, you’ve gone too ar. This would never happen.”

But as always, I’ve seriously underestimate the Satanic nature of the left. Kirk Cameron you sly fox, you knew it all along.

To me it looks like Medusa. They meant it to look something like Ruth Vader Ginsburg so yeah, not that far off.

LifeNews.com: A new, golden idol to abortion stands on top of a New York City courthouse this month, a reminder of the religiosity with which abortion activists defend the mass slaughter of babies in the womb.

The “NOW” statue also hints at the satanic: a naked, golden woman with braids fashioned into horns coming out of her head as she emerges from a pink lotus, according to photos in the New York Times. Images used by Satanists and The Satanic Temple often depict Satan with goat-like horns.

Andrew Beck, of the advertising agency Beck & Stone, drew attention to the statue Wednesday in a post on Twitter.

“The statue, named ‘NOW,’ is a female figure emerging from a pink lotus,” Beck wrote. “It has braids shaped as horns with a judicial lace apron. It is meant to pay homage to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her fight for abortion.”

According to the New York Times, artist Shahzia Sikander created the 8-foot statue as an homage to the late U.S. Supreme Court justice, an idol of the pro-abortion movement. It recently was installed on top of the Courthouse of the Appellate Division, First Department of the Supreme Court of the State of New York in the city.