My friend and pro-life champion Ted Meehan was inside the courthouse and detailed a pretty stunning moment in yesterday’s proceedings in the trial of Mark Houck, the pro-lifer who was arrested by a SWAT Team.

You might recall that Houck pushed an abortion escort named Bruce Love because he was getting in the face of his son. The Biden Administration decided that this was a violation of the FACE Act, a federal offense because he was violent against an abortion escort.

Ted tells me that, “During the afternoon today, Brian McMonagle (lead defense attorney) cross examined the Director of Planned Parenthood from 12th & Locust. She admitted that Bruce Love is no longer an escort there – because they had banned him! The ban was because he was constantly stirring up trouble and they were getting too many complaints about him, for several years. McMonagle asked if these complaints were prior to the episode with Mark Houck. ‘Yes they were.”

“McMonagle asked, ‘How could she have allowed this Bruce Love to continue as a volunteer if she knew he was a problem. She couldn’t give a satisfactory answer. And he pressed the issue hard, to make sure the point would not be forgotten. It was clearly a very big score for the defense.”

Wow. That’s a huge moment. Stunning even. Even the abortion people considered this guy too extreme and troublesome yet he continued doing the job outside the clinic.

Keep praying for Mark Houck and his family.

“The prosecution continues tomorrow, until it wraps.” said Ted. “Then, the Defense case begins. And it may wrap by tomorrow afternoon. If not, Friday.”