These people, the adherents of gender transitioning, don’t think they’re doing the right thing. They BELIEVE it, which is much more powerful. Their belief can not be shaken with science, argument, or logic. In fact, it is a belief that has been accepted as absolute truth.

Every age has its blind spots. It’s always stunning to me that George Washington owned slaves. I’ve read reports that it upset him when his slaves ran away because he truly didn’t understand why they’d leave when he treated them fairly in his judgement. George Washington, who did more to advance the cause of freedom in the world than just about any other figure, owned slaves. How could that be? It’s because people essentially marinate in the culture they’re brought up in. Some of it seeps in and even when we think we’ve questioned everything, we haven’t. There are some “givens” that just snuck in under the scanning spotlight of logic.

I’ve always thought that people in the future will wonder about how savagely we treated the human life in the womb. And there will be no answer just as there is no real moral answer to slavery. It was just done then.

So it is with this gender transitioning craze. If you want the high moral ground and if you don’t want to be seen as a bigot then you’ll believe it is good. Until you don’t.

Until morality stirs, some care for another human being stirs your moral conscience. Suddenly, all those societal pressures fall away and you’ll begin to question.

The Daily Wire:

A mother of two young boys realized she made a terrible mistake after allowing her 4-year-old son to socially transition into a girl identity and described the epiphany she had as “leaving a cult.”

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote two essays and recently appeared on a popular podcast to discuss her journey from a social justice organizer and “true believer” in transgender ideology to a skeptic who is deeply regretful for allowing her son to believe he was a little girl trapped in a boy’s body.

“I’m texting a friend, and I’m like ‘we’ve realized that our older son is not actually transgender and we’re going to be rolling back the social transition and I feel like I am leaving a cult,’ because that’s what it felt like to me,” she said on the podcast Triggernometry with her identity disguised by a blur filter.

The mother’s first essay in August 2022, “True Believer,” went viral on social media. In the Parents With Inconvenient Truths About Trans (PITT) Substack newsletter, she described how she and her wife raised their two young boys as “gender neutral” because they believed they were following the righteous path of “social justice.”
When their oldest son, who was 4 years old at the time, asked if he was a boy or girl, they told him he could choose. Six months later, their son declared he was a girl and wanted to be called “sister” and use “she/her” pronouns. Both his mothers affirmed his new transgender identity by allowing him to socially transition; they changed his name, allowed him to wear girl’s clothes, and allowed him to believe he was truly a girl for approximately one year.

It was when her youngest son, who was just three at the time, said that he also wanted to identify as a girl that she began to wonder if she had made a mistake with her eldest boy. As her worldview began to unravel, the mother expressed deep regret for the actions she and her wife took, acknowledging that they “led” their child down a path of lies that could have resulted in severe psychological damage and life-long, irreversible medical intervention. In the end, she came to realize that parents, not children, were meant to be in the lead.

The mother followed the Triggernometry interview with another essay for PITT, titled “A Return To Reality,” where she went into further detail of her new outlook.
“In the interview, I refer to the moment in time when I finally could see my belief in gender identity as a belief for the first time,” the mother penned. “It was this moment when I feel I moved out of experiencing this belief as absolute truth, and was able to ‘see’ it from the outside looking in” (emphasis hers).

She described the moment as feeling like “a pin came out of my head,” causing the whole belief system to collapse and returned to the cult analogy.

“How else could I describe being in something so deep, that I could not see outside of it?” she said. “At least when you are religious, you realize you hold beliefs, you understand you have a faith, and you consciously practice it. This was different. I had been in something that I did not know I was in. And in that moment, I came out of it”

Me again:

With societal pressures at an all time high with social media, it will become increasingly difficult to toss aside the mores of your age, as they will be omnipresent. Those of us who stand up for objective morality will be seen as “neanderthals” and “barbarians” hammering away with our savage tools at their “truth.”

We can speak to them logically. We should. But in the end, this is a moral decision. This is a spiritual fight. If there is no God, everything is permitted. Your subjective whims reign as laws of your land. If one does not acknowledge that right and wrong exist outside of themselves it is more difficult to reach them. The gangplanks of logic can not bridge the divide, nor an argument from morality.

Conversion is the key. In the end, the story we are in is a wonderful story about a God who created human beings out of love. God loves them so much that he allowed them free will. He guides them back to Him but he does not insist or control. And the story is ours. It is in our choices. The story is our redemption or turning away. It is a story with the greatest of consequences. This is the wildest most important story. Sad to say, this wild tale that goes on in the soul of every one of us is virtually ignored.

We are told that we shouldn’t talk about such things in public, even though all else pales in comparison to this. Returning to Christ is the only answer.

HT Revolver