This is wonderful. I love conversion stories. These two are great.

The Cordial Catholic is “joined by former Anglican priest and Catholic convert John Bacon to talk about his conversion story – and it’s an incredible one!

Ordained a priest in the Anglican Church in North America, John tells his story of encountering Catholicism through the Liturgy, the Early Church Fathers, Mary’s role in exorcisms (which he encountered as a police chaplain!), and even a relationship which he struck up with another famous convert Dr. David Anders at a Jewish gym where John worked during seminary.

John’s story is all about what it means to give up so much to follow Christ where he leads, bumps and all along the way, but living for the journey. I’m telling you… this journey is amazing!”

And then later, the Cordial Catholic interviewed John’s wife who also converted. Her perspective is completely different but priceless.