Every Thursday morning I do a regular spot on a radio show with David Vacharesse and Ron Finn. It’s a great Catholic radio station in Ohio. I enjoy doing it because it’s just a group of Catholics having a great time talking about their faith with humor and sadness. As the kids say, they keep it real.

David Vacharesse knows Catholic media. He was the one who held the camera on Mother Angelica for many years at EWTN. This view that we had of Mother, he had up front and personal.

David went on to be General Manager of EWTN Radio.

His interactions with her on a regular basis changed his life and he’s written about it. It’s so personal and open. If you love Mother Angelica it’s worth checking out. It’s amazing to read of the amazing amount of trust she put in the Lord to do things that made little sense and then it worked out. I love it.

And if you love as I do, a story about a real human being struggling with what he feels he should do and what God is calling him to do, check this out.

According to Barnes and Noble:
One man’s journey from a life filled with fear to a life of grace and mercy. With each turn of the page and through the telling of each story you are invited to witness faith grow through ordinary and extraordinary circumstances and events. Follow along as David tells the story of his life and how it was impacted in particular way by the woman many consider to be a modern-day saint, Mother Angelica. You will be encouraged, inspired and, on occasion, moved to laughter as you read this fast-paced account of how God worked, and continues to work, in the soul of one His children.

Check it out at BarnesandNoble.com by clicking here.