A baseball player for the Cuban national team defected to the United States after losing to the US in Miami.

It’s amazing people from all over the world keep coming to this country when we’re told this is a country riddled with systemic racism.


A Cuban baseball player defected to the United States following the World Baseball Classic in Miami this week.

Ivan Prieto Gonzalez served as the bullpen catcher for Team Cuba before the team suffered a major defeat by Team USA, losing 14-2 on Sunday night. Following the semifinals, Gonzalez did not join his team at the Miami International Airport as they headed back to Havana, Cuba. Prieto joined an ongoing list of athletes that have defected from the communist country to join the United States.

Good for him, coming here for freedom. God bless him.

I do actually wonder how these maniac leftists fail to see the beauty of the US of A. Millions of people of all colors are trying to get here while the left tells us that we’re the worst country and that people can’t get a fair shake.

Yet this:

We must still be doing something right, huh?