Big Pharma = Jesus.

Got it.

So, these three “conservative” brainiacs got together and decided to convince us rubes that the vaccine is just like Jesus. No, seriously. That’s what they’re saying.

I can’t even imagine the meeting. They’re discussing how to get red-staters to vaxx up.

“Well, those folks sure do seem to love Jesus.”

“Perfect! Let’s tell them that the vaccine is like the new Jesus.”

This one will blow your mind folks. Curtis Chang, a professor at Duke Divinity School, posits that even though the vaccine may be the result of testing on an aborted fetal line of cells, it doesn’t matter because the intentions of Big Pharma are sooooooo pure that the goodness of the vaccine actually redeems the original sin of the abortion because…because.

Seems to me it sounds like the ends justify the means but hey, what do I know? I’m no elite.

Is this what passes for Christian thought nowadays?

HT Hot Air