Hey, this was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? If we do not accept Christ and his teachings we will march towards death.

You’re going to worship something. If it’s not God then there are plenty of others who will come calling.

The Daily Pulse: The Netherlands will become the second European country that will allow children as young as one-years-old to be killed under the guise of “euthanasia,” a recent announcement by the Dutch government on “Late Maternity Abort and Life Termination [of] Newborns” asserts.

The Dutch government will expand pre-existing euthanasia rules first introduced in 2002, effectively expanding post-birth abortions at the discretion of medical staff and healthcare providers.

The amendments were added to the “Law Termination of Pregnancy and Life Termination of Newborns Regulations (LZA/LP),” which permitted the “termination” of children “suffering hopelessly and unbearably,” and who are “expected to die in the foreseeable future.” The law, which was restricted to up to one year, now permits children of all ages in what effectively amounts to post-birth abortion.

Regarding the new laws, the Dutch Minister for Health, Welfare, and Sport, Ernst Kuipers of the socially Liberal Democrat 66 Party, publicly stated:

“This is a particularly complex subject that deals with very distressing situations. Situations you wouldn’t wish on anyone. I am pleased that, after intensive consultation with all parties involved, we have reached a solution that will help these incurably ill children, their parents, and also their practitioners.”

The Dutch government took the decision to expand on the current rules to include all ages in order to remove practitioners’ reservations about either aborting viable humans or euthanizing infants up to one year old. The legislation has been introduced, according to the government’s published report, to “remove th[e] reluctance as much as possible,” of doctors undertaking the procedure.

“The evaluation shows that the LZA/LP Regulation is not yet functioning well. Doctors feel reluctant to perform late termination of pregnancy or life termination in newborns. The government has decided to amend the current Regeling LZA/LP, in line with the recommendations of the evaluation, to remove this reluctance as much as possible and make the regulation work better in practice,” reads the government report.

Much of the discretion about what “hopeless and unbearable suffering” is lies with doctors.

Why do they always say things like these are very complicated matters when they’re actually not? Oh, because it offers some morally gray area where opting to kill another may be construed as good?

They talk about “hopeless and unbearable” suffering but who is the judge of hopeless and unbearable? The one year old can’t explain him or her self. So it’s up to the doctor to decide what to do. This will be abused. We all know it. But the abuse is the point.

If you’re not perfect, we don’t want you. Will you be a perfectly functioning cog in our economic machine? No? Then you’re hopeless and unbearable.