Well, this might have been good to know, huh? But instead we were told the jab was perfectly safe for you and your unborn child.

Mind you, these are the documents that Pfizer didn’t want to come out for at least 75 years but a judge forced them.

Dr. Naomi Wolf:

The darkest of all of the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Reports so far has appeared — this one by COO and WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project Director Amy Kelly. Pfizer’s latest-released tranche of internal documents — which the FDA sought a court to keep hidden for 75 years — confirms that Pfizer knew that women who had been “exposed” to the vaccine — including prior to pregnancy – were sustaining spontaneous abortions and miscarriages. [https://dailyclout.io/bombshell-pfizer-and-the-fda-knew-in-early-2021-that-the-pfizer-mrna-covid-vaccine-caused-dire-fetal-and-infant-risks-they-began-an-aggressive-campaign-to-vaccinate-pregnant-women-anyway/]

Pfizer knew that “exposure” as they defined it, included sexual intercourse with vaccinated men, as well as skin contact and inhalation. They knew that 19 per cent of the babies identified, in the first three months of the study, sustained adverse events, many of them serious; one baby was rushed to the hospital.

Babies in this section of the Pfizer documents sustained respiratory distress, including from air sacs leaking between lungs and chest walls. Babies and fetuses were dying. My interview with Northern California longtime midwife Ellen Jasmer revealed that she is seeing a great deal of this — babies who seem fine at birth, go home, but who are rushed to hospital within a day with respiratory distress — and Pfizer knew in April 2021 — two full years ago — that this would indeed happen.

This, by the way, is the kind of abnormal, flattened, damaged placenta that Nurse-Midwife Ellen Jasmer is seeing now in her practice. She says she sees almost no normal placentas any more:

Ms Jasmer describes the horrors of the delivery room these days, and the calcified, damaged placentas and babies in respiratory distress that are now common in her practice: https://dailyclout.io/calcified-placentas-a-nurse-midwifes-disturbing-testimony/

Pfizer knew perfectly well that it was harming multiple aspects of the reproductive process in women. In its secret documents the company calmly described what it called “fetal poles” with no heartbeats, and amniotic sacs without any fetuses, along with other horrors. The documents make use too of the bizarre phrase “missed abortions”.

Why would you use such a phrase in internal documents unless you are trying to elicit spontaneous abortions or miscarriages?

In addition to damage to the fetuses and babies via the moms’ injections, the new tranche of documents also reveal that the PEG in vaccinated moms’ breast milk causes horrendous damage to tiny newborns trying to nurse. We broke this story about contaminated breast milk many months ago, but this tranche of new documents adds confirmation to the fact that Pfizer knew it was poisoning vaccinated women’s breast milk.

The babies in the documents who nursed from vaccinated moms had peeling skin, blurred vision, agitation, convulsions, rashes, fevers, myalgia, vomiting, inflammation of tissues, tissue edema, and many other horrendous conditions.

The data about all of this damage to fetuses and babies were compiled by Pfizer by April 20 2021. The report went to the FDA, and from there to the CDC. Astonishingly, three days later, knowing about this shocking report tallying dead fetuses, dead babies, and babies in distress, Dr Rochelle Walensky called a major White House press conference, at which she declared that the vaccines were “safe and effective” and launched an aggressive PR campaign to urge, bully and “recommend” that pregnant “persons” receive mRNA vaccines ‘for the safety of their babies.’

Me again: I get that Big Pharma is immune to lawsuits but are they immune from prosecution? And how about the FDA heads who didn’t tell anyone about any of this?

You can read more with links at Dr. Naomi Wolf’s substack.