This is insane.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee (pictured below) signed a bill allowing shelters to hide runaway children from their parents in order to allow them abortions and sex change treatments and surgeries.

But don’t worry, your children still can’t get tattoos or vote or drink or anything. They can just kill their own children and/or mutilate their own private parts.

LifeNews.com: Scheduled to go into effect in July, the legislation allows runaway children as young as 13 to stay in licensed youth shelters without their parents’ knowledge – even if there are no signs of abuse. Until now, state law required shelters to notify parents within 72 hours, My Northwest reports. Shelters also can help minors get taxpayer-funded abortions and sex-change hormones and surgeries without telling their parents.

According to the Post Millennial, the bill says shelters do not have to notify parents if the child has a “compelling reason” not to, such as “seeking placement in a host home to receive protected health care services.” These “services” include elective abortions and sex-change surgeries and hormones.

There does not have to be any evidence or even allegations of abuse for the shelter to hide information from parents.

So, if a child wants to mutilate him/herself or mutilate and kill their child, the state will prevent their parents from seeing them. Seems to me Governor Jay has an obsession with harming children.

I’m not really kidding. The moment you stop seeing life as sacred, it becomes a burden. And in the materialist viewpoint, freedom simply becomes freedom from burdens. It is the exact opposite of Christianity which implores us to pick up our cross. But if the highest form of freedom is freedom from burden, anything and everything can be seen as a burden, including a baby and your own body.

In the end, this is what it’s about. It’s about Christianity versus materialism. Materialism only has matter. That matter has given rise to accidental and meaningless life. The only ambition of such a life is to bear it with minimal pain, except everything is a pain. Materialism only offers pain and death, which is the cessation of burden.

Christ offers life, immortal life. Within that life there is the possibility of love, grace, redemption, faith, wonder, mystery, awe and gratitude.