Foxweiser dumping Tucker and Tranheiser Busch going full Mulvaney on us is a sign of what’s happening behind the scenes.

When individuals or companies seemingly act against their own self interest we have to re-evaluate what’s going on. What information might there be to make sense of these illogical decisions? We’re always told that companies will act out of their own self-interest. They will follow the money. But these decisions by these huge companies to essentially attack their own customers would seem to fly in the face of that.

So, either companies like Foxweiser and Tranheiser Busch are no longer following the money or something new is happening.

I don’t think something new is happening. I just think they’re playing the long game. They have looked out into our country and our world and have deemed the left to be almost certain of achieving ascendancy. So they’re getting in on it now.

The powerful secular leftist elites of the World Economic Forum and assorted other organizations are banding together and essentially forcing these companies to choose a side. That’s why you have Gillette going negative against men and Tranheiser separating itself from its “fratty” customer base. There are countless other examples. Those are just some of the latest.

In America, they all saw an old tottering man who could barely string a sentence together and who barely left his basement win more votes than any presidential candidate in the history of the country. They saw that and learned the true lay of the land.

These businessmen have forecasted the future and chosen a side. This is bad news because smart people are putting money on the bad guys. You see, they are still chasing the money but it’s the long game.

As this becomes more obvious and the sides are more clearly drawn this movement will predictably have a countervailing force. What will that force be?

What is the one organization that can stand against secular leftism that pushes abortion, euthanasia, trans surgeries for minors, and strips people of their individual rights in favor of collective duties?

The Catholic Church can be that force. The Catholic Church should be that force. But right now the Church is…not united. That’s a joke. The Church is in a terrible state. We all know it. We are led by the uncertain trumpet of leaders who seek worldly esteem and power rather than grace, faith, and redemption.

We’ve seen the deep state target faithful Catholics and the U.S. bishops have shuffled their feet and stared at their shoes hoping for the moment to pass.

The Catholic Church must stand up now. I don’t see who or how this could happen, such is the state of the Church right now but I believe in miracles.

The clever of the world have played their angles and chosen their lot with evil. They are certain of their victory. This is exactly the kind of moment when miracles occur because that’s when they’re needed. I don’t see how anything short of supernatural intervention saves of from centuries of darkness.