You’d think if any organization would be committed to not discriminating against women it would be the WOMEN’S NBA. But alas, you’d be wrong. The ultra woke organization which spends far more time lecturing us than entertaining us, discriminated against a player for getting pregnant.

Her lesbian head coach Becky Hammon who adopted two children has been suspended for two games for discriminating against Dearica Hamby for getting pregnant.

It looks like Hammon may have questioned Hamby’s commitment to the team after she learned she was pregnant. Hamby is actually back in playing form after having her child.

Yahoo: The WNBA is rescinding the Las Vegas Aces’ 2025 draft pick and suspending head coach Becky Hammon for two games without pay, the league announced Tuesday. This marks the first time a future draft pick has been rescinded in league history, a result of two separate investigations the league conducted following claims from All-Star Dearica Hamby.

The investigations included interviews with 33 people, in addition to a review of texts, emails and other documents.

In one probe, the league found the Aces promised “impermissible benefits” during negotiations for Hamby’s player contract. The other investigation found Hammon violated the league’s Respect in the Workplace policies with comments about Hamby’s pregnancy.

“It is critical that we uphold the values of integrity and fairness, which create a level playing field for our teams,” WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert said in a statement. “The Aces failed to adhere to league rules and regulations and have been disciplined accordingly. We are also disheartened by the violation of our Respect in the Workplace policies and remain committed to ensuring that enhanced training is conducted and standards are followed across all WNBA teams.”

The WNBPA released a statement shortly after the league’s, asserting the punishment doesn’t aptly address the misconduct and instead penalizes a future player.

“The League had an opportunity to send a clear message that it abides by and protects the provisions of the CBA, particularly those that we were most proud of – the provisions meant to support player parents. Today’s decision regarding penalties, however, misses the mark,” the statement said. “Where in this decision does this team or any other team across the League learn the lesson that respect in the workplace is the highest standard and a player’s dignity cannot be manipulated?”

Hamby, a two-time Sixth Player of the Year, was traded to the Los Angeles Sparks in January while she was pregnant with her son Legend. She announced the pregnancy during festivities after the Aces won the franchise’s first WNBA championship in September 2022. She also has a 6-year-old daughter, Amaya…

In her first public comments after the trade, Hamby wrote on Instagram she was “heartbroken” after being “discriminated against.”

According to her statement, the team promised her things to “entice” her to sign a contract extension before last season and accused her of doing so while knowing she was pregnant.

Without naming anyone specifically, Hamby also said the Aces questioned her commitment to the team, calling her a “question mark” because she would “get pregnant again.” This came as she was fully committed to workouts and expressed the desire to return in the 2023 season without missing any time.

“To be treated this way by an organization, BY WOMEN who are mothers, who have claimed to be ‘in these shoes,’ who preach family, chemistry, and women’s empowerment is disappointing and leaves me sick to my stomach,” Hamby wrote in the statement.

Hammon has two adopted children. In a profile by Time Magazine that was released Monday, she agreed that she was one of the moms referenced in the statement. Still, Hammon maintained she and the Aces acted appropriately.

Soooooo, women discriminating against women. These folks preach to us constantly about diversity and tolerance but they don’t practice it. This woman dared to get pregnant and the Aces traded her because she was committed to having the child. Let’s be honest, if she’d come out and announced she was getting an abortion the WNBA would’ve celebrated her as a warrior/hero. ESPN would’ve named her Woman of the Year, beating out swimmer Will Thomas. But alas, she chose life. Shame on her.