What does a leftist professor have to do to get fired from a leftist college? It turns out, a lot.

Here’s how it started. An adjunct professor at Hunter College lost her marbles because she saw some students hosting a pro-life display. She cursed and wrecked their display because she’s nuts and she clearly thought this was acceptable behavior towards pro-lifers. Hmmmm….wonder where she got that idea?

She seems nice.

So that video went viral so a New York Post reporter went to her door to ask her about the video and then this happened:

Yup. She pulled a machete on the reporter for questioning her.

Finally, Hunter College has now announced that she’s fired. Funny that wrecking the pro-life display wasn’t enough. No, it was embarrassing the “school” with a machete against a reporter’s throat. If she’d only threatened the lives of the pro-lifers she’d probably still be employed today.