The man who designed merchandise for Target had his own line of satanic merch.

The Daily Wire:

The controversial designer who had his merchandise removed from Target following public backlash and boycotts spoke out on the incident, criticizing the retailer for its response.

Target had initially partnered with Erik Carnell of the U.K.-based brand Abprallen to create items for its 2023 Pride Collection. Carnell found himself at the center of a firestorm after critics of Target discovered the Abprallen Etsy shop, which offered merchandise featuring occult images and phrases such as “Satan Respects Pronouns” and “Trans Witches For Abortion.”

Now, he says that he doesn’t believe in a personal Satan but he knows that God has some rules about sexuality so therefore this guy opts to hang with a metaphorical Satan.

Here’s the thing. The kids that buy the shirt may not understand you’re talking about a metaphorical Satan. And here’s the real kicker. Satan doesn’t care if you’re hanging with a metaphorical Satan. That’s enough for him because you’re not kneeling before God. That’s enough.

You can say you don’t believe in Satan but you’re doing his work for him.