Ah yes, we all remember that wonderful Christmas hymn “From the River to the Sea.” Ah yes. Nothing like hearing ol’ Bing or Nat King Cole warble on about death to the Jooooooos, huh?

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters swarmed the streets surrounding Rockefeller Center in an effort to derail the annual tree lighting in support of Gaza.

Hmmm. You think this might have something to do with the baby Jesus being Jewish?

First, they come for the Saturday people and then the Sunday people.

Waving Palestinian flags and signs calling for the “end to genocide,” the ralliers gathered along Sixth Avenue alongside hordes of tourists waiting in line to see the iconic ceremony. I love how they’re calling for an “end to genocide” while promoting genocide.

I guess one man’s genocide is another man’s justified wiping out of an entire race. Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me either.

I just thought it was interesting that they derailed the tree lighting.

Perhaps, the only thing more offensive to God than genocidal maniacs ruining a Christmas tree lighting was Cher actually performing at the Christmas lighting. Just kidding. Kinda’.