Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana will now allow transgender students to attend Saint Mary’s College.

According to a post on the college’s website, its Board of Trustees approved a non-discrimination policy to consider “admission for undergraduate applicants whose sex is female or who consistently live and identify as women.”


The Board of Trustees says it’s because they’re Catholic.

“We are by no means the first Catholic women’s college to adopt a policy with this scope,” President Katie Conboy reportedly said. “In drafting the language for this update, I have relied on the guidance of the executive team and others to ensure that our message is not only in line with best practices for today’s college students but that it also encompasses our commitment to operate as a Catholic women’s college.”

Conboy said a lot of stupid things about words like “inclusivity” and the college’s “commitment to inclusivity and in creating an environment where “all women belong and thrive.”

I think I just threw up in my mouth just reading those words.

Thankfully, Bishop Rhoades is pointing out the wrongness of this situation. He doesn’t have any power over the college other than declaring that the college isn’t Catholic. He urged the college to “correct” this policy in order to “protect and to reject ideologies of gender that contradict the authoritative teachings of the Catholic Church regarding the human person, sex and gender.”

He says the college’s policy is ummmm… “not Catholic.”

Yeah, like that part of the Bible that says something like this:

This college decided that being viewed as progressive meant more than the actual teaching of the faith they pretend to espouse. Progressivism is their real faith now. Parents be warned.