Christian Nationalists are more dangerous than Al-Qaeda. You heard it here from James Carville. This is not him speaking off the cuff. “Christian Nationalism” is the new buzzword. They used to use “fundamentalist” and then it was “deplorables” but now it’s “Christian Nationalist.”

All those terms are never defined but this is now the main attack on Christians. They think it makes Christians sound like Nazis.

I ran a Google News search and the term “Christian Nationalism” came up in over 3,000 articles. Mind you, a few months ago the term wasn’t even a thing. Now, it’s everywhere. This is a concerted effort.

I honestly don’t know what the term even means. Neither do they. A Politico reporter on MSNBC leveled that it means some zany thing about Christians believing their rights come from God and not the elites. Yeah, she actually believes that’s crazy talk.

sooooooo…the Founding Fathers were Christian Nationalists? Wait. I’m confused. Yeah, that’s right it seems this Politico reporter hasn’t read the Declaration of Independence.

This is how they’ve chosen to continue their attacks on Christianity. The first thing those in power do after choosing an enemy is they dehumanize the enemy. This is an attempt to do that.

This is an attempt to correlate your Christianity with an attempt to overthrow the tenets of our country. They seek to make you a reminder of January 6th. You are the embodiment of insurrection by proclaiming Christ as your savior.

So what do we do?

We do what we’ve always done. We live by Jesus’ teachings. We evangelize in the face of persecution. And yes, we must be willing to suffer and even die. I know this is the worst advertising campaign for Christianity ever. Join Christ and pick up your cross. Um, what? But He is the truth, the way, the life.

I will follow Him, not our name calling elites who wield worldly power.