Um. No.

Aaron Bushnell committed suicide by lighting himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in D.C. as a protest against Israel.

In an attempt to normalize this insanity, Time Magazine says that self-immolation was done like all the time by Christians of old.


They wrote, “Self-immolation was also seen as a sacrificial act committed by Christian devotees who chose to be burned alive when they were being persecuted for their religion by Roman emperor Diocletian ​​around 300 A.D.” 

Yeah, I get it. It’s exactly like suicide if we’re talking about one of those Hillary Rodham Clinton suicides. Those Christians were sentenced to death and burned alive by the rulers of their day. That’s a wee bit different than suicide or self-immolation.

The fact that the Christians may have died singing praise shouldn’t be confused with their excitement about the fire. Not even a little.

Y’know, I’m starting to think the media doesn’t like us very much. You ever get that feeling?