I’ve got to give credit to Doug Wilson for this analogy.

Richard Dawkins, the famous or infamous atheist, is saying he considers himself a “cultural Christian.” Why? It’s because the thousands of mosques being built around him scare the hell out of him. Or maybe it’s scaring the hell INTO him.

This man has spent his life tearing, gnawing, and bashing the Church and now hopes that the fruits of the Church will protect him as Europe is Islamicized. Dawkins wants the fruit of Christianity but not Christ himself. Richard, who has spent his life playing cultural Jenga now wants to put some pieces back in to keep the culture of Christianity intact.

Doug Wilson says it’s like burning the orchard but still expecting apples to arrive in the supermarket.

Hey, to me this is progress. Now Richard, ask yourself why Christianity seems to work so well with human beings? Maybe we’re made for it? Think about it? Maybe it works so well because it’s the truth.

This is worth a watch.