This is peak woke. Right here. These grammar school kids in Utah were forced to stage a walkout because the “furries” are terrorizing them by biting them, scratching them, and kicking them without repercussion.

And what is the administration doing about this? According to the kids they’re putting litter boxes around the school for the furries to use.

The one hope is that our culture’s ascent of Mount Insanity people may seek out truth. We can only marinate in chaos and subjectivity for so long before we long for order and truth. And here’s the thing, if you’re actually searching for truth you will eventually find you know who?

So that’s my happy spin on this absolutely insane story. It’s so crazy that it’s unsustainable.

I will say it’s rather sad that these kids have to stand up for themselves against the parents who are abdicating their responsibilities to protect children, both from themselves and others. But I’m glad these kids are standing up for themselves. Someone has to. Maybe this is where sanity starts. Maybe this is where the long march back begins.