“Accuse your opponent of what you are doing, to create confusion and to inculcate voters against evidence of your own guilt” -Saul Alinsky.

Wow. This is how Saul Alinsky wants the game played. And this is how they play it. The funny thing is that it’s so obvious. But they don’t even care about that anymore.

The NY Times, a former newspaper turned propaganda tool, ran a story today on “How Republicans Echo Antisemitic Tropes Despite Declaring Support for Israel.”

Mind you, their evidence is beyond weak. But that doesn’t matter. They’re just making it all up anyway. The Times went through Trump’s campaign emails and found proof of antisemitism. What did they find? Did they endorse Hamas like many on the left? Did they engage in walkout by a commencement speaker because they are Jewish? Did they abandon Israel by ceasing sending them arms? Did they chase down and assault Jewish students?


But Trump referred to a “globalist cabal” and a “billionaire puppeteer.” They say that’s code for JOoooooooooooos!!!!!!!!!


Doesn’t seem like a lot of evidence, does it? In fact, it’s no evidence at all.

When little leftists are screaming “from the river to the sea” we’re supposed to see that as a nuanced plea for peace when it’s an actual call for the genocide of Jews. But any speculation that all these protests are being funded by a secret cabal is somehow anti-semitic.


What this is really about is that the Democrat party and their propaganda arm, The NY Times, are concerned that Jewish people may abandon the Democrat Party so they’re creating this fictitious slander of a President whose daughter is Jewish.

The Times writes, “Debate rages over the extent to which the protests on the political left constitute coded or even direct attack on Jews. But far less attention has been paid to a trend on the right.”

Cue the scary music.

This is embarrassing. And it’ll probably work on the same crowd. Thankfully, that crowd is diminishing as people are waking up.