Dora the Explorer, the popular star of her own action adventure show on Nickelodeon, was arrested Wednesday morning at 2:38 a.m. for DUI and possession of illegal drugs after leading police on a high speed chase over the tall bridge, through Crocodile Lake and past the Spooky Forest.

This is not Dora’s first run in with the law. In 2002, following the show’s blockbuster popularity, Dora was arrested for driving erratically and was found to be in possession of an illegal weapon in her backpack. At the time Dora claimed that it was all a misunderstanding as she was heading to Crocodile lake and was just being careful. She claimed the weapon belonged to Senor Tucan, who reportedly was passed out in the back of Azul, the little blue Train. Dora refused a breathalyzer at that time.

In another incident Dora reportedly flew into a rage over the hiring of her cousin Diego for a similar show as Nickelodeon was growing worried over Dora’s erratic behavior. “It’s the same (bleepin) show,” said Dora at the time. “They’re trying to force me out because I’m a party girl. You think I’m crazy. You should’ve seen Boots last Thursday night.” Dora reportedly no longer remained in contact with Diego, who may have been a stabilizing influence in her life.

Swiper said, “This is such a shame because she’s so talented and so bilingual. I hate to see what this is going to do to the children around the world who idolize her.” Swiper also speculated that the Grumpy Old Troll was a bad influence on the set and in Dora’s life. “Everyone knows that if you want illegal drugs you go to under the bridge.”

Dora’s Abuela said, “We’re all hoping that this is what starts our little Dora on the long road past Addiction Alley, over Temptation Lake, to Rehabilitation Road.”