Oregon’s first female Catholic priest was ordained in Gresham on Sunday, according to KOIN Channel 6. That’s the lede in the story. They then add this little bitty caveat which completely contradicts the first sentence.

It’s a history-making milestone, but one the Catholic Church does not recognize. The Vatican says only men can be priests. But since 2002, there has been a growing international movement to defy that law and give women the same status as men, and ordain them.

So let me see. If I declare myself to be the President of the United States will I see a news story about how the country has a new President with a follow up sentence saying of course the United States does not recognize Matt as the President. But there are many who believe Matt would do a good job.

The woman was ordained at a United Church of Christ building. Hey folks, that could be a good sign that this ain’t a Catholic event.

The article then goes on to talk about “the debate” within the church. But in truth, there is no debate. Pope Benedict has stated that there can not be women priests. That’s it. End of story. Thankfully, I believe the tide is ebbing on this sort of nonsense. But the “Spirit of Vatican II” folks are still charging the gates of the Vatican with all they have. And we’ll have to keep reading about it.