If you are reading this today (August 7, 2007) and you are Catholic…know that your end is nigh!

So sayeth the prophet of doom at this website.

I just love the kooks who lay it all on the line by predicting cataclysmic events on a certain date. I particularly love when they work the whole “Whore of Babylon” thing in there. Great stuff. If you live long enough to read this, here is an excerpt.

NOTE: As stated above the GREAT CITY OF BABYLON will split into three sections which means fissures will form to split it into three sections. Also, cities of many nations fell into heaps of rubble. So, the city of Rome in Italy is not the only one that will be ruined but other cities of neighboring countries.

What will occur on August 7, 2007 will be the worst earthquake in the history of mankind. It will be an ultimate earthquake. Most likely this earthquake will also produce an ultimate tsunami.

Somehow, this earthquake and tsunami selectively takes out the Catholic church. Drew at Holy Whapping asks:

It will probably greatly disappoint the authors of this, um, “Bible prophecy,”* to learn that the Church exists whole and entire in each particular Church (diocese), meaning that for the Church to be destroyed, granting such a possibility, almost every major city in the world would have to be destroyed..

Never you mind Drew, let’s not get bogged down with facts and reason. This is entertainment at its finest, so don’t spoil it. The only thing better will be the post on the doom-sayer’s website on August 8th. I can’t wait to read it, if I live that long.

Update: 8.8.2007 – Still here!