Clown Priests Didn’t End in the 70s?
——D Mac says it is time to stop clowning around.

Great New Resource for the Extraordinary Form
——St. John Cantius launches new website dedicated to teaching about the 1962 missal.

Pro-Death Groups Warn About Dangerous Cures
——Compassion demands that we kill, not cure!

I Love Surprises
——This article on the motu proprio is not the same.

China Orders Living Buddhas to Obtain Permission Before Reincarnating
——Well you can’t just have people reincarnating willy-nilly.

Gay Episcopal Bishop Endorses Obama
——Another odd twist to the already strained argument about the separation of church and state.

Big Picture Happy
——Matthew reminds us why we should all be happy.

My Baby is a Knick-Knack
——Parenting is all about a good defense.

Oregon’s First Female Priest?
——Matthew for President and I am a cowboy. Just sayin’ it doesn’t make it so.

My Favorite Priest
——Msgr McDonald shows once again what a ‘Good Priest’ should do.

Phila. Archdiocese Goes Hollywood and Jesus Didn’t Get a Part
——Philadelphia is recruiting for Catholic schools. Matthew ask why?