To avoid being derided by the rest of the world during the coming Summer Olympics
China has banned slogans demeaning human life that are a part of its family planning regime.

Let’s make clear they’re not halting their demeaning of human life, they’re just stopping the slogans like “Raise fewer babies but more piggies,” or “One more baby means one more tomb.” Or this precious poster: “Houses toppled, cows confiscated, if abortion demand rejected.” (These are not jokes)

The National Population and Family Planning Commission has now issued 190 acceptable slogans meant to promote the one-child policy in a more positive way. So officials are being asked to use banners with sayings like “Mother Earth is too tired to sustain more children” and “Both boys and girls are parents’ hearts.”

I was thinking about an intriguing way to talk about this. Maybe have a contest on slogans that China could come up with keeping things pithy and humorous. I can’t. Not tonight. I hate this stuff. It’s more proof of this desolate and dark side of humanity; these abominations of the godless cry out for real action and yet the struggle is over nomenclature. They’re changing banners so the international community can continue pretending not to notice. Not a word from the United Nations. Not a word from the mainstream media. Is anyone out there paying attention? All the broken hearts and tortured families and babies gasping for breath. It’s all just too much. I feel helpless in the shadow of such horror. I can only pray. So I’m cutting this post short to do just that. You may want to as well.