Members of a Spanish village parish have gone on a hunger strike to protest the transfer of their much-loved priest to another church, Reuters is reporting. And 200 parishioners have locked themselves in the church in an attempt to keep him as their priest.

Firstly, Wow. I wish I loved my pastor that much. The only thing I’d like to tell these starving folks is that it took like two years for Summorum Pontificum to finally come out. The Vatican thinks in centuries, not in weeks. You may get really really hungry by then. But look at the upside, maybe you could be martyrs in a weird and silly way. Probably not though.

The priest in question is said to be active in social issues and known for “his unique and open way of preaching. Uh-oh. He reportedly teaches catechism on a hill rather than in church and made Mass a more “interactive event” between himself and the congregation. Double uh-oh. I’m kinda getting the wacky feel from this priest. In fact, a group of local nuns who traditionally attended Mass at the parish in question have, since his arrival, been hearing mass in a nearby village.

Ok. I’m now starting my own hunger strike to ensure that this priest is not transferred to my parish. Right after I eat my lunch.