Madonna Traded to Jews
—For two Jewish comedians to be named later. A good deal.

High Noon for Sheriff Ben
—Is it Gary Cooper time for Pope Benedict?

Pope and the McCanns
—Expect to see this picture more often than O.J.’s Bronco

Marriage is the New Dating
—Marie Claire toasts the modern woman who disposes of her marriage as easily as cheap summer fashions.

USKKKB – U.S. Konference of Katholic Kollaborating Bishops?
—Will the USCCB do the right thing?

Music on the Mend?
—Are there signs of hope for our Catholic musical heritage?

CDF Speaks! No Starvation or Dehydration!
——The CDF responds to critical questions regardging the dignity of those in a ‘vegetative state.’

Liturgical committee hopes missal translation completed by 2009
——Take your time, no hurry boys.

CDF is no fan of Phan
——John Allen reports that both the Vatican and the U.S. bishops are investigating a book by a prominent American Catholic theologian, Vietnam-born Fr. Peter Phan of Georgetown University.