Pope Benedict is feeling good about his trade of one reprobate Catholic for two Jews to be named later.

The trade between Pope Benedict and Rabbi Shlomo Glickstein was made official when Madonna, who had the right to turn down the trade, announced herself as an “Ambassador for Judaism.”
Pope Benedict said he was thrilled to dump the high maintenance star from the ranks of Catholicism. Madonna, who has not had a hit in years, has long been critical of her own religion and even sacrilegiously appeared on a cross last year at a concert.

Some insiders are asking which Jewish performers will be traded to Catholicism in return for Madonna’s conversion. Rumors point to legendary performer Don Rickles being sent over to The Vatican along with possibly Jerry Stiller.

“It’s a win-win,” said Pope Benedict. “That Jerry Stiller. He’s a funny guy. And Don Rickles? I’m not sure about him yet. We’re still in talks.” William Shatner has also been mentioned.