My daughters were discussing their snack options after school today. After rummaging around I offered grapes or raisins. My seven year old told the other two girls in that way that older sisters have that “actually grapes and raisins are the same thing.”

An uproar of questions and doubts ensued as raisins come in a box and grapes in a bag as well as the classic raisins are black and grapes are green argument. The seven year old felt her wisdom was being challenged so she turned to me. “Dad tell them,” she said.

I explained that raisins are grapes that got left out in the sun. “Someone forgot them?” my four year old wisely asked.

No,” I answered. “They’re left out on purpose in order to make them raisins.”

“Can we leave these grapes out?”

“No,” I said.

“Why not?”

“Because the rabbits will eat them,” I countered.

There was a pause here as none of us could understand why this was a bad thing. So I made something up. “Grapes aren’t good for rabbits.”

Oh. That solved it. Good.

“Is it magic?” my five year old asked. “The grapes turning to raisins?”

“Well no.”

“How does it happen,” they all asked.

Now here I am facing an inquisition so I turn to the answer I always go to when faced with something I don’t understand but know to be true.

“God does it.” That finished it. “So what do you want grapes or raisins?”

The seven year old and the four year opted for grapes. The four year old after ample consideration said, “I’ll definitely takes raisins.”

Why?” I asked.

“God must like raisins better if he takes the grapes and makes them raisins.”

I must tell you. I will never look at grapes the same way again. But tomorrow I’m buying donuts.