It seems that the Canadian Anglican Niagara Synod and Bishop have decided that the consistent teaching of Christianity (i.e. Jesus) should not stand in the way of what they want. What they want is to “bless” same sex “marriages.” The rest of the Canadian Anglicans who still have their heads screwed on straight (I assume there are a few) are not too happy.

“We are grieved that the synod and bishops of Niagara have chosen to walk away from centuries of Christian teaching and defy the consensus within the Anglican Communion,” says the Right Reverend Donald Harvey, Moderator of the Anglican Network in Canada. “There is clearly a growing momentum within the Anglican Church of Canada to ignore biblical teaching, disregard the views of the global Church, and even ignore the principles upon which the Canadian Church was founded. These actions have ‘torn the fabric’ of the Communion at its deepest level just as the Primates warned in October 2003”

The Anglican Mainstream, a community within the Anglican Communion trying to keep the horse in the barn adds:

By proceeding with these decisions to bless civilly married same-sex couples, the Diocese of Niagara is separating itself from the vast majority of Anglicans worldwide and deepening the divide within the Anglican Church of Canada and the global Communion.

In its rush to discard its heritage and conform to current culture, the Anglican Church of Canada has abandoned biblically-faithful Canadian Anglicans who, increasingly, feel they no longer have a home within that church. Ironically, while traditional Anglicans are marginalized within the Canadian church, they remain among the vast majority of global Anglicans, upholding historic Anglican and Christian teaching and tradition.

The Anglican Mainstream says they are “committed to promote, teach and maintain the Scriptural truths on which the Anglican Church was founded and which guarantee its catholicity.”

I know of one good way to guarantee catholicity. Follow the Traditional Anglican Communion, come back home.