We’ve all seen the political ad running in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina which shows Huckabee sitting next to a Christmas tree as the carol “Silent Night” plays in the background. A bookshelf behind the candidate is lit in a way as to make it look like a cross.

Huckabee’s getting some heat for this from all the typical sources. But this is one I didn’t expect. Catholic League president Bill Donahue said the former Arkansas governor went too far by wishing people a joyous holiday. He was especially disturbed by the cross-like image created by a white bookcase in the background of the ad, saying he believed it was a subliminal message.

“What he’s trying to say to the evangelicals in western Iowa (is): I’m the real thing,” Donahue said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends. “You know what, sell yourself on your issues, not on what your religion is.”

Wait a second here. Wait a second. Donahue is constantly bringing his faith into political conversation.

I actually get a kick out of Bill Donohue. He’s old and irascible and he’s not big on the whole turning the cheek thing. (I also have a problem with that one) He’s like that uncle everyone has where the family just doesn’t know what’s going to come out of his mouth next.

I think Donahue isn’t reacting so much to the fact that Huckabee’s bringing his faith into the national conversation but he’s doing it in such an icky way. I think the tide is turning against Huckabee if guys like Donahue are turning on him. We’ll see.