Occasionally, in scouring the internet for stories you come upon the weirdest stories. Now, these have little or no social or cultural relevance to anyone or anything but it’s just so odd that I couldn’t help but throw it in the mix.

Pig Fetuses Impaled on Car Antennas at West Des Moines School
DES MOINES, Iowa – School officials at Dowling Catholic High School in West Des Moines think a rivalry may be behind a bizarre incident this week.

Pig fetuses believed stolen from a biology lab at Roosevelt High in Des Moines were found impaled on car antennas in Dowling’s parking lot.

The fetuses, along with biology-class crawfish that were smeared on hoods and windshields, showed up on Tuesday.

Roosevelt Principal Kathie Danielson says they’re not sure the pigs came from the school because they aren’t labeled and the school doesn’t keep inventory.All I can say is “Some Pig.”

Then you have this one: “Catholic priest fails to carry 7.7 pounds of cocaine on board plane.”

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport hasn’t seen such a thing before. Police arrested a man claiming to be a Catholic priest. He was caught carrying 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) of cocaine under his robes.

The spokesman for Dutch border police claimed that the man, whose identity was being traced, initially refused to undergo a routine body check “for religious reasons”. (You have to appreciate the thought he had. He would’ve been much better off dressing as a Muslim Imam with a “Death to America” t-shirt. Then there’s no way he would’ve gotten searched.)

The priest garb was ineffective and he was searched and the drugs were found in packages taped to his body.

“We’ve seen a lot of things, baseballs filled with cocaine, wine bottles, plaster casts, but this is a first,” the spokesman said.

The man, who was traveling from Bolivia, argued that his rights had been violated by the search. The spokesman said that was bunk. (This is the first thing a spokesman ever said that I agreed with.)

“If you want to enter (Europe) you have to pass a security check, you have to cooperate and you can’t refuse a body search,” he said. “He’ll be brought before a judge today.”

And He will face a greater Judge eventually, if you know what I mean.