Archbishop Chaput Accused of Stealing Milk from Babies
—Rocky Mountain News to Archbishop: When did you stop beating your wife?

Take Off You Hoser!
—Don’t get sick in Canada, eh? Or you are a goner!

Georgetown to Stay Catholic? Well Kind Of?
—Editorial: Georgetown should call itself Catholic without actually being Catholic.

Bill Clinton Mistakenly Says What He Really Thinks
—Bill Clinton wants to slow the economy even more, for the sake of the children of course!

Marijuana Vending Machines Installed in Los Angeles
—Convenient access, lower prices, safety, anonymity, and the munchies.

Get The Huck Out
—Mike Huckabee is denying me what I want most.

CMR in the Morning
—Podcast of CMR on Sacred Heart Radio.

Media Obsessed With Possibility of Obama Assassination
—Media speculation on an Obama assassination is very unsettling. I suppose especially to Obama.

Jesuit Mocks Atheists
—Jesuit takes on the recent spate of books claiming atheism is the answer to all the world’s problems.

Bill Gates and the Future
—Bill Gates plans to fix capitalism. I would be happy if he could just keep my Outlook from crashing.

Jesuits Will “Study” Pope’s Request That They Act Catholic
—Jesuit Superior General to Pope: We’ll get back to you on that!