New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg vowed today to track down and prosecute the people who set off a small explosive device in front of the military recruiting office in Times Square early this morning. “We will not tolerate these kind of acts,” he said adding that the apparent targeting of the famous recruiting station is “an insult to every one of our brave men and women serving around the world.”

The damage thank goodness was minor and no one was injured but the Creative Minority Reporters are now urging a slew of federal laws protecting military installations that promote the right to choose the military. CMR urges that federal extortion and racketeering laws be used against protesters at military recruiting stations -just as they were against pro-lifers. CMR hopes to bankrupt the anti-war movement by using federal anti-mob laws against protest groups, claiming that such organizations were violent criminal conspiracies.

CMR is hoping a conservative senator will sponsor a bill designed to protect military recruiters and anyone who utilized their right to choose the armed forces from violent acts by anti-military extremists. The bill will make it a federal crime to attack or blockade a military installation. The bill is called the Freedom of Access to Military Entrances Act. Anti-military protesters will also not be allowed within 150 feet of any military installation or anyone in the military for that matter and even those just wearing a uniform of any kind.

CMR worries that such anti-military violence will create a climate of fear around the country preventing men and women from their right to choose the military.