Anyone who’s watched practically any “news” show on ABC recently must have seen something about this new “shocking” documentary about Jesus. ABC has devoted almost 15 minutes of air-time on Good Morning America and “Nightline” to a documentary filmmaker who asserts in his movie “Bloodline” that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a massive hoax.

Wow! What’s all the attention for? This filmmaker must really have something here. He must be a really respected scientist or historian…or not.

On Friday’s “Nightline,” reporter Elizabeth Vargas interviewed the documentarian Bruce Burgess about his finding but oddly, she left out any mention of his past films. He’s directed documentaries on Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51 and an alien landing at Roswell.

Now don’t you think that would be relevant information? ABC doesn’t. ABC lets this guy push the theory that a 19th Century French priest, Father Sauniere, was paid for his silence, because he’d found proof of a shocking secret that Mary Magdalene was actually married to Jesus. And that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child. That after the crucifixion she fled with that child here to a rugged and very remote corner of southern France. That their descendants and their secret were protected in the Middle Ages by a group of crusaders whom historians called the Knights Templar.

Yeah. I know. We did this already. Like five years ago.

My question is why would ABC push something like this on two shows when the guy is clearly a crackpot who missed this conspiracy by five years. He’s not even a timely nut. But I guess attempts to undermine faith are timeless.

H/T Newsbusters