Chimeras from across the globe cheered, whinnied and snorted in support of British Parliament’s vote to allow the creation of animal-human hybrids.

Herds of chimeras gathered outside Parliament raising their paws in support. “It’s about time,” said the group’s leader (a half horse/half man named Nigel) “We’re thrilled to see any addition to the chimera population. It gets a little lonely, you know.”

Some chimeras say they’re hoping with the creation of more mythical creatures they could eventually become a voting bloc, and perhaps one day even have one of their own in Parliament. “There’s no law against someone like me joining Parliament or even becoming a member of the Royal Family,” said one fish/woman. “It’s not like I’m Catholic or anything.”

MPs have voted to allow the creation of “Frankenstein” embryos for research into tackling diseases.

But just as the chimera rally was getting going, it was learned by these unfortunate creatures that each of the chimera embryos would be destroyed after 14 days. Then the rally turned into an ugly protest with the monkey/man throwing his fecal matter at reporters and passing cars.

The sudden turnaround led some journalists to remember the infamous and embarrassing chimera protest over research into the dissection of the genome which they’d mistaken for dissecting gnomes. Understandably they believed it to be “open season” on mythical creatures.

“But now it actually is open season on us,” said one chimera who asked to remain anonymous because of his job with the BBC. “You people are creating a life and then you’re destroying it. And we’re called animals and freaks? I think it’s time you humans looked in the mirror.”