Authorities in Germany announced Sunday they have arrested a couple and taken their seven-month old baby into custody after they tried to sell the child on eBay for 1Euro or about $1.60, says the AP.

The mother told authorities that it was all a joke, but the German police have decided to investigate into the possibility of child trafficking, which has been on the increase around the world, according to German media reports.

Yeah, sure it was a joke – unless the bids got a lot higher. The couple, from the south German town of Memmingen, offered the boy for sale on their posting because “he has become too loud”.

The good news is that nobody actually bid on the baby. In fact, EBay users tipped off monitors of the popular Internet sale site to the baby-for-sale posting, which was taken down by eBay two-and a-half hours after it was posted. Now the fact that they got no bids could be good news or it could be the fact that nobody in Germany wants babies evidenced by their woeful 1.4 children per couple birthrate.

A German newspaper quoted the woman as saying, “It was only a joke. I just wanted to see if someone would make an offer. They’ve taken my son to hospital and I’ve got to take psychiatric tests next week.”

She has to take psychiatric tests? No!

Speaking of psychiatry, something tells me that kid is going to have some serious issues as he grows up. Not just because his parents tried to sell him. But they tried to sell him for so little money.