I can’t watch Obama. I just can’t. Not tonight. I know this is a HUUUUGGE event. But I’m so tired of the self-righteous platitudes and the empty rhetoric. I can’t watch. So the only network that isn’t showing Obama’s infomercial is ABC and they’re showing a show called “Pushing Daisies” that I’ve never seen before but I’ll liveblog it as a protest against the Obamercial.

Starting at 8 p.m. (EST) It’s described as a “forensic fairy tale”, whatever that means. Please feel free to join us here in the combox in protest of the Obamercial. And hey, maybe a show about a pie-maker who has the power to bring the dead back to life will be good.

8:01: This is looking a bit like Harry Potter. Is it always like this?

8:02: The girl returned from the dead? Now, from what I understand, he brought her back to life but he can’t touch her or else she’ll die. Quirky so far.

8:04: Hey, the guy in the booth was in Office Space. He played the nerdy dude. I like him.

8:05 I’m already grateful because I’m interested in the show enought that five minutes in and I haven’t thought about what Obama is saying once. For that I will be eternally grateful.

8:09: This show is very quirky. My wife hates it. I like it.

8:10: Call me an idiot but that guy running around with a stick through his head was very funny. Uh-oh. Commercial. Must…not…check…Obama. I wonder if the ratings for this will be very high because lots of folks aren’t interested in Obama. Alright, no more mentioning Obama. That’s it.

8:10 If only that guy had lived, he would haven’t gotten a tax cut …nevermind.-PA

8:12: “I could gold leaf my bathroom…” Funny.

8:15: This show feels French. Not the bad kind of French. Like that movie Amelie which I liked. Hey, don’t make fun. I can be sensitive…

Good quote: “This my clue pad for writing down clues.”

8:15 Didn’t Kristin Chenoweth play the token conservative on the left wing?

8:18: “My Mandarin’s a little rusty.” I’m digging this.

8:20: “The complexities of this complex issue are so complex it makes this shallow conversation look silly.” I may watch this show even when the guy who’s trying to destroy my country isn’t on every other channel.

8:21: Pat just told me he watched the first five minutes of Obama! I can’t even count on my own brother to boycott with me. I feel used.

8:22: We just had a McCain commercial. Hooray.

8:22 Did the Michelle Obama Character just accuse the plumber of murder? What channel am I watching? PA

8:24: Patrick, stop it. We’re pretending Obama doesn’t exist -for a little while. Back to the show, we just discovered our hero has a family he didn’t know about. Twin half brothers who are bad magicians.

8:27: Who owns the diner where the hero makes pies? I wonder if they make $250,000 per year?

8:29 Doesn’t Obama have a half brother?

8:31; The Bun steamer exploded. Funny.

Alright. The show just got me through this half hour. I am grateful to it. But the World Series is coming on right now. Later. Thanks for getting me through.