One of our blogging buddies, Ebeth, is at the hospital possibly delivering her baby girl. This baby is still several weeks early (she has been on bed rest since late September) and not due until December. Please say a prayer for her and the baby.

Mau gave us the info. Please keep us informed.

From Ebeth’s blog….

Sarah Anne Foss is here!

Hi! It’s Katherine hacking into Elizabeth’s blog to let you know that Sarah Anne Foss was born this evening on October 31. I just got off the phone with Mike and he says that Elizabeth and Sarah are doing well. Everything went great and I know that I can speak for Elizabeth and say that your prayers have and continue to mean so much to this beautiful family. Please continue to pray as Elizabeth and Sarah recover and prepare to come home. I’ll save all the great details for Elizabeth to share. I am so happy to tag this post with the category “Baby, Baby” and finally see Elizabeth out of “Pregnancy Bedrest.”

Glory to God for All Things!